Customer Journey Mining to understand customer behavior with Underlined

In today’s multi-channel customer environments, where customers use many different (communication) channels to solve outstanding questions and requests, it becomes increasingly difficult to optimize service levels and provide a memorable experience for customers.

Especially in a complex service environment as healthcare, with high involved customers, there are multiple contacts over the years. Primary concern towards their health care insurance; their health and that they can get the best (covered) service possible to stay healthy!

Underlined and CZ work together to build an agnostic environment in which all traceable, incoming and outgoing, customer contacts (e.g. call, web, e-mail, chat, etc…) are brought together into a unique dataset. This dataset is further enriched with relevant data that can be linked to (unique) customer events for analytical purposes to solve a number of questions how CZ can further build on their service level and optimization of the customer experience.

Research goal

Investigate what methods can be developed to best analyse customer behavior and profiling, based on process mining techniques and principles. Understand which customer profile elements drive what kind of engagement behavior in the relationship with healthcare insurance provider CZ.

Research general scope

Develop a research method which makes it possible to analyse and understand customer behavior. For the master thesis the scope will be limited to one specific healthcare (customer journey) domain; such as e.g. Pregnancy (to be finalized with candidate in initial stage thesis).

Research Questions

For the selected journey this Thesis should provide insights into questions, such as:

  • What is the most common contact journey path customers of CZ follow during a given period?
  • What impacts contact path decisioning in the journey and what most determines this impact?
  • What distinct groups can be derived from the Customer Journey Mining analyses
  • What determines satisfaction and (contact) service requirements for the distinct groups?
  • Based on all data collected and process mining insights generated throughout this thesis, does it provide possibilities to predict customer journey paths, based on e.g. customer profile elements, such as age or product possession, or …..?


For more information, contact Joos Buijs