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 +====== Operational Support for Analysis and Avoidance of Threats and Vulnerabilities in Global Supply-chain Processes (2 Master projects) ======
 +Supply-chain and Logistics processes are facing threats and issues as never before. Because of terrorisms and other forms of undesirable or illegal activities, supply chains are subjected to high vulnerabilities and disruptions. Also, the competition among the different supply-chain providers is requiring a timely and more efficient flow legitimate commerce through the European Union (EU) and other nations around the world.
 +The aim of these Master projects is to demonstrate that vulnerabilities and inefficiencies can be at some degree predicted and recommendations can be given to minimize threats and risks, with tangible benefits to involved stakeholders.
 +During the project to achieve the expected results, students will leverage on techniques that combine Process and Data Mining, such as classification based on decision/​regression trees, OLAP technologies,​ process discovery and compliance checking. ​
 +Specifically,​ two Master projects will be offered. A first project is in partnership with [[http://​www.janderijk.com/​|Jan De Rijk]], a leading provider of transportation and distribution services, operating a large, modern and diversified fleet of 1000 vehicles across Europe. A second project is carried on in collaboration with [[https://​www.portbase.com/​|Portbase]],​ a community that brings together more than 3200 customers in all sectors of the Rotterdam port and provides integration services. ​
 +In both of projects, students will be working on the datasets of the respective companies and will be given the opportunity to pay multiple visits to the companies and discuss with the different stakeholders  ​
 +  * How to access and understand the historical event data 
 +  * To discuss the business requirements ​
 +  * To present and obtain feedback on the (intermediate) results. ​
 +===== Contact =====
 +For more information,​ contact [[:​organization:​staff:​m.d.leoni|Massimiliano de Leoni]]