Text Mining with KPMG

Together with KPMG’s department on sustainability, we are looking for a Master student interested in text- and datamining. Part of KPMG’s job is to judge yearly reports on the topic of sustainability. This task is currently done by manually assessing the sentiment of a yearly report against the actual measureable sustainability values to see if the report is too optimistic or too pessimistic.

The goal of this project is to see if this can be done automatically through text- and datamining. KPMG has a large body of test and training data available for the student to start comparing reports. In depth knowledge of both supervised and unsupervised techniques will be needed for this project.

KPMG is a highly competitive company. Therefore, they are looking for a CSE or BIS Master student on track for a Cum-Laude (i.e. an average grade of 8). Furthermore, the student should have a strong interest in datamining. A selection process within KPMG is part of the hiring procedure.


For more information, contact Boudewijn van Dongen