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 +====== Understanding Customer Journeys ​ with Process Mining ======
 +In today’s customer environments,​ where customers use many different contact channels to solve outstanding questions and do requests, it becomes increasingly difficult to follow customer behavior, optimize service levels and provide a memorable experience for customers. Especially when the contacts of the customer are not related. These journeys can be product specific (e.g. changing your telephone provider), customer specific (e.g. change known home address) or life event specific (e.g. starting a family).
 +[[http://​underlined.nl/​en/​|{{ :​images:​underlined.jpg |}}]]
 +Underlined works together with several companies like CZ, Aegon and SNS to build a generic framework in which all traceable, incoming and outgoing customer contacts (call, web, e-mail, chat, etc.) are brought together as a unique dataset. The dataset of companies is further enriched by Underlined with relevant analysis that can be linked to (unique) customer events. ​
 +Underlined has worked together with the TU/e ([[organization:​staff:​b.f.a.hompes|Bart Hompes]] and [[organization:​staff:​j.c.a.m.buijs|Joos Buijs]] from the Architecture of Information Systems group) and CZ (one of the largest Dutch health insurance companies) to develop customer journey mining algorithms. This research showed that it is possible to distinguish the different journeys per customer without any prior process knowledge, but additional research is needed to:
 +  - **Apply machine learning techniques to cluster customers with similar behavior**. The customer journey can significantly vary depending on the customer characteristics. Therefore, try to build a single model for all customers will lead to not fully satisfactory results. Therefore, the application of machine learning or OLAP techniques (a.k.a. as process cubes) would be beneficial to split the customers into clusters each containing customers with similar characteristics.
 +  - **Research multi-dimensional similarity matrix**. Current customer journey mining algorithms need to know which activities might be related to each other. Information on this is stored in a similarity matrix. Currently there is a working version for relatively simple datasets and processes. We would like to develop a next level similarity matrix for more complex data which contain multiple journeys and multiple customer segments. ​
 +  - **Predictive modelling of emotions in the journey**. Customers make decisions in the customer journey based on their emotions. In current datasets there is sample feedback, which expresses the feedback of customers and their concerns regarding the service of a company. We would to research a predictive model that, out the basis of the past customer journeys, it can predict the intermediate and final emotions of the customers who are currently active in their journeys. ​
 +In the above-mentioned analysis, the student should try to leverage on every piece of available data. This includes logged data of the past customer behavior, for example call center data, online click trails, social media data and online and offline feedback. But also non-transactional data like product usage and customer segmentation variables.
 +===== Masters Thesis Research ​ =====
 +==== Research goal ====
 +Investigate what methods can be developed to best analyze and predict customer journeys, based on process mining techniques and principles. Understand which cluster methods could be used to identify similar customer journeys independent of the number and sequence of the journey steps. Find out what the next phase of the similarity matrix would contain to improve the quality of the obtained customer journeys and understand what drives emotions in the customer journey. ​
 +==== Research general scope ====
 +Develop a research method which makes it possible to analyze and understand different kinds of customer behavior regarding customer journeys. For the master thesis the scope will be limited to one specific topic or research area. This we will discuss with our customers if they are willing to open their data sources for our research. ​
 +==== Research Questions ====
 +The master thesis should provide insights into questions, such as:
 +  * Can we develop a machine learning or OLAP-based method to bundle journeys and predict what is the likely journey a customer will take based on the data?
 +  * What similarity metric should be used to understand the similarity between two customer journeys? ​
 +  * Can we derive what drives emotions in the customer journey? ​
 +  * Can we derive what drives behavior in the customer journey? ​
 +  * Can these insights be used to provide recommendations to improve the emotional experience?
 +===== About Underlined =====
 +Underlined has a proven approach and toolset for improving customer experience during the customer journey. Using data from customer contact channels, online environment,​ customer feedback and research response, we can reveal the actual customer journey and customer experience. This enables companies to measure the customer journey of their customers’ behaviour and emotions continuously and to manage and improve the journey across all channels. Underlined calls this Customer Journey Management.
 +In the thesis assignment, the student will closely work with the Underlined team that cooperates with large corporate organisations,​ such as CZ, VGZ, Aegon, T-Mobile/​BEN and SNS Bank. 
 +More information about Underlined can be found at the company’s website: http://​underlined.nl/​en/ ​
 +===== Contact =====
 +For more information,​ contact [[organization:​staff:​m.d.leoni|Massimiliano de Leoni]].