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 +====== Several PostDoc positions in Process Mining/Data Science ======
 +{{ :​images:​postdocs.png?​direct&​400 |}}
 +Data science, and process mining in particular, is growing in importance.
 +Therefore, we have several postdoc vacancies for people with a strong background
 +in data mining, machine learning, process analytics, predictive analytics,
 +or Big Data. Currently, we are looking for:
 +**PostDocs working on Process Mining/Data Science** ​
 +The AIS group is one of the leading groups in the exciting new
 +field of process mining (www.processmining.org). Process mining
 +techniques focus on process discovery (extracting process models
 +from event logs), conformance checking (comparing normative
 +models with the reality recorded in event logs), and extension
 +(extending models based on event logs). The work resulted in
 +the development of the ProM framework that is widely used
 +in industry and serves as a platform for new process mining
 +techniques used by research groups all over the globe. Moreover,
 +many of the techniques developed in the context of ProM have
 +been embedded in commercial tools. See also www.processmining.org.
 +{{ :​images:​dsce300.png?​direct |}}
 +The Data Science Centre Eindhoven (DSC/e) is TU/e’s response to the
 +growing volume and importance of data (http://​www.tue.nl/​dsce/​). ​
 +For example, in TU/e's Impulse program we collaborate with
 +innovative organizations such as Perceptive Software and Philips on topics related
 +to data science and process mining. ​
 +In the context of various research projects we are looking for several
 +PostDocs working on process mining and related topics:
 +  * We are looking for a PostDoc working on Big Data and process mining. Events are growing and detailed analysis based on formal and precise models is often infeasible without distribution or innovative mining approaches.
 +  * We are looking for a PostDoc working on process mining and software analytics in the context of the 3TU.BSR project.
 +  * New projects and topics might be added in the near future.
 +===== Requirements =====
 +We are looking for candidates that meet the following
 +requirements: ​
 +  * a solid background in Computer Science or Information Systems with an interest in process mining; ​
 +  * knowledge of data mining, machine learning, process analytics, predictive analytics, and/or Big Data. (demonstrated by a relevant Master); ​
 +  * a relevant PhD;
 +  * candidates from non-Dutch or non-English speaking countries should be prepared to prove their English language skills;
 +  * good communicative skills in English, both in speaking and in writing;
 +  * moreover, candidates are expected to realize research ideas in terms of prototype software, so software development skills are needed.
 +Note that we are looking for candidates that really want to make a
 +difference and like to work on things that have a high practical
 +relevance while having the ability to work in one of the strongest
 +research groups in the world. Moreover, we would like to prepare
 +candidates for interesting data science related jobs (sometimes referred
 +to as "the most sexy job of this century"​) in both academia and industry.
 +===== Appointment and salary =====
 +PhD's will be employed by the TU/e using the standard conditions for Dutch
 +universities. ​
 +See https://​www.tue.nl/​en/​university/​working-at-tue/​working-conditions/​
 +for more information on working at TU/e, salary, etc.
 +===== Application =====
 +Interested candidates are requested to send an
 +application by e-mail to Joos Buijs (e-mail: j.c.a.m.buijs@tue.nl) with the subject field "​Process Mining PostDoc Vacancies
 +The application should consist of the following parts:
 +  * motivational letter;
 +  * a curriculum vitae;
 +  * copies of diplomas;
 +  * list of references we can contact for further information;​
 +  * link to the PhD thesis (draft).
 +In the application,​ candidates should relate their expertise to the topics mentioned
 +(cf. www.processmining.org) and describe their language and software
 +development skills.