ProM 6 FAQ

This page contains some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for using ProM in the BPMS assignment.

Installation and use

  1. Install ProM 6.5.1 from and run it.
  2. Click `import' and choose the .bpmn file you exported.
  3. Choose the import plug-in `BPMN 2 files'.
  4. Click the triangular play button.
  5. Click on `Convert BPMN diagram to Petri net (controlflow)' and click `Start' to execute it. This will end with a visualisation of a Petri net, which could be large.
  6. Click the triangular play button again.
  7. Execute the plug-in `Reduce all transitions', which will give you a visualisation of the reduced Petri net.
  8. Click the triangular Play button and execute the `Analyze with Woflan' plug-in. Please be patient; in some cases Woflan needs to traverse the complete state space of your model to decide whether your model is sound.
  9. If the model is not sound, a message with the problems will be shown. For instance, in the figure below it is shown that the model contains dead parts.​

When I load a .bpmn/.xpdl file into ProM I get a pop-up asking how to import it.

Make sure that you installed the 'BPMN' and the 'BPMNConversions' package by starting the ProM Package manager and install the package if you did not already do so.

When I load a .bpmn/.xpdl file into ProM I get a disconnected boundary event no longer attached to its activity/subprocess

This can happen if the .bpmn/.xpdl file is not serialized in the standard way so that the file first defines the boundary event and only later the activity definition to which the boundary event is attached. In this case, the reference of the boundary event to its activity cannot be resolved.

If you encounter the issue, try exporting the file in a different format, i.e., try BPMN instead of XPDL. If this does not help, open the exported file in a text editor, locate the boundary event (element type IntermediateEvent with attribute IsAttached=“true”). The activity to which the boundary event is attached is specified in the Target=“…” attribute. Locate the corresponding Activity element with that Id=“…” and move it before the IntermediateEvent definition.

When running Woflan I get an error

If the error is that the class 'org.processmining.models.graphbased.directed.petrinet.analysis.SComponentSet' does not exist, install the 'PNAnalysis' package using the ProM Package manager.

Why ProM hangs when I run woflan analysis plugin?

Some process need more time to be analyzed than others. If you are stuck in analyzing the soundness of your models (the process does not stop), it is most likely that your model is not sound and ProM tries to calculate the possibly infinite state space of your models.

Other Resources

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