Procedure for Master projects

  • Within the AIS group, we offer Master projects in several different areas and also on concrete topics. We then tailor the Master project assignments for each individual student, with that student’s skills in mind. To create an individual assignment, you have to find and commit to a supervisor who helps you in this process.
  • If you already know with which supervisor/on which topic you want to graduate, contact the potential supervisor of your choice directly, and as early as possible (at the end of the first year, after you have obtained 40 to 50 credits)
  • If you first want to get an overview on available projects and supervisors, please contact Dirk Fahland. He can direct you to a potential supervisor in your area of interest, and you then talk with the potential about possible Master projects.
  • At some point the student has to commit to a particular supervisor. Only then an actual assignment can be defined, either internal or external. In particular external assignments must be discussed and defined together with the supervisor to ensure that the defined assignment fits the student, the company, and the study program.

Once the student commits to a supervisor, the student and supervisor together decide on the elective courses that the student will include in his/her study program. These electives may be specifically chosen to prepare for an assignment or to broaden the knowledge of the student which can be of use in their future careers. The study program listing these electives is filled out by the student and signed by both student and supervisor before being sent to the administration. In some cases, special permission from the examination committee is needed for a particular set of electives.

While finishing the last couple of courses, but before the start of the Master project, the student fills in the graduation plan, which includes a short description of the assignment. This form needs to be signed by the supervisor, the student, the head of the area of expertise (for AIS, this is prof. Wil van der Aalst) and the student advisor. A student can start his/her Master project only after obtaining sufficient credits. Furthermore, all homologation and bachelor courses need to be completed. If not all credits have been obtained, then the graduation supervisor has to agree that there are still uncompleted courses. Please be aware that taking courses next to doing a Master program is generally ill-advised and will always lead to a delay in the Master project.

Towards the end of the Master project, an assessment committee has to be formed, consisting of your supervisor, a company supervisor (or, in case of an internal assignment, your tutor) and an external member. This external member has to be an (assistant) professor working in another area of expertise, or in the Information Systems group of the department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. The assessment committee form needs to be filled out no later than 1 month before the actual presentation date.

No later than two weeks before the presentation, the student has to send his/her Master thesis to the external member of the assessment committee. This should be the final version of the thesis, i.e. without missing chapters etc. After the presentation, the Master defense will take place. The procedures for the Master defense are as follows. First, the student presents, in about 30 minutes, his/her work. This presentation is public and we encourage you to invite family and friends to this presentation, although the intended audience are your fellow students. After the presentation, the audience can ask questions. Once all these questions are answered, the actual defense start. During this 30 to 45 minutes, the assessment committee will ask the student questions about their work, but also about related topics. This defense is not public and the goal of the assessment committee is to assess the academic quality of the work. Finally, the assessment committee will fill out the assessment report and inform you of the grade.