Newly Established EIT Digital Data Science Program at the Master School Kick-Off

On 22-24 October 2015, EIT Digital Master School kick-off was held in Eindhoven (Muziekgebouw). 298 students attended from which 46 students has chosen Data Science as their major. The newly established major managed to be between the top-three majors in terms of number of students. In the major team-up, students had the chance to get more familiar with each specialization and discuss their questions with the academics.

This followed by Professor van der Aalst’ introduction to the new master programme in Data Science to all master school students. In his talk, Wil provided his insights on the need for Data Scientist in today’s world, Data Science ecosystem in Eindhoven (i.e., DSC/e), and data science topic (in particular, process mining).

The Data Science Master’s offers a unique academic program, whereby students can study data science, innovation, and entrepreneurship at leading European universities (TU Eindhoven, TU Berlin, UPM Madrid, KTH Stockholm, and UNS Nice). The major is coordinated by TU/e at the European level.

Author: Farideh Heidari (EIT-Digital Data Science Program Manager at TU/e)