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Former staff

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Hilda Fabiola Bernard

Position: PhD Student
Room: MF 7.109
Tel (internal):
Projects: Process Mining in Logistics
Links: TU/e employee page

Rémi Brochenin

Position: PD
Room: MF 7.108
Tel (internal): 3487
Projects: EDSA
Links: Personal home page, Scopus page, TU/e employee page


Murat Firat

Position: PD
Room: MF 7.106
Tel (internal): 8710
Project: DAIPEX
Links: Personal home page, Scopus page, ORCID page, TU/e employee page
Murat Firat obtained his PhD degree from Mathematics and Computer Science Dept. of Eindhoven University of Technology. After completing his PhD study, he worked at France Telecom a post-doctoral researcher. His research interests are in several applications in combinatorial optimization like multi-skill workforce scheduling, Gale-Shapley stability in assignments, design of fiber optic networks and vehicle routing problems.


Marie Koorneef

Position: PhD Student
Room: MF 7.109
Tel (internal): 7393
Projects: Phlips Flagship
Links: TU/e employee page


Sander Leemans

Position: PhD Student
Room: MF 7.106
Tel (internal): 8345
Projects: ABAPM (Avoid Blind Alleys in Process Mining)
Links: Google scholar page, Scopus page, TU/e employee page


Elham Ramezani

Position: PhD Student
Room: Flex
Tel (internal): 4593
Projects: BOSS
Links: Personal home page, Google scholar page, Scopus page (2nd Scopus page), TU/e employee page
Aa, Han van der PhD student MF 7.060
Adriansyah, Arya PhD student MF 7.060 Home Scholar
Amiyo, Mercy Nuffic PhD student
Arsinte, Delia PhD student HG 7.40
Baccarin, Evandro Visiting PhD student HG 7.46
Bera, Debjyoti PhD student HG 7.79 Employee
Bratosin, Carmen PhD student HG 7.88
Broekstra, Jeen Part-time assistant professor HG 7.76
Dornostup, Yulia OWP MF 7.106 - Employee
Fahland, Dirk B.E.S.T. PhD student Humboldt Univ. Home
Günther, Christian PostDoc HG 7.43
Guo, Shengnan PhD Stud. MF 7.106
Hakobyan, Lusine PhD student HG 5.71
Huang, Zhengxing PhD student HG 7.44
Kannan, Venkatesh PhD student HG 7.87
Khodyrev, Ivan Researcher HG 7.81
Korolev, Dmitry OWP MF 7.117
Li, Jiafei Researcher HG 7.42
Liu, Zheng PhD student HG 7.43
Lohmann, Niels B.E.S.T. PhD student HG 7.44 Home
Majdodin, Roohoolah PhD student HG 7.79
Maggi, Fabrizio PostDoc MF 7.104B Scholar
Massuthe, Peter B.E.S.T. PhD student Humboldt Univ. Home
Mooij, Arjan PostDoc HG 7.76 Home
Mukala, Patrick OWP MF 7.108 8522 Employee
Nakatumba, Joyce Nuffic PhD student HG 7.88 Home Scholar
Oanea, Olivia PhD student HG 7.87
Osch, Michiel van PostDoc MF 7.060 Home
Pesic, Maja PostDoc HG 7.43
Portela Santos, Eduardo Visiting researcher HG 7.44
Rantham Prabhakara, J.C. PostDoc MF 7.104B Scholar
Rietveld, Erika Part-time assistant professor HG 7.78
Schonenberg, Helen PhD student HG 7.88
Schunselaar, Dennis PhD Stud. MF 7.109 5674 Home Scholar
Shabaninejad, Shiva PhD Stud. MF 7.060
Somers, Lou Part-time associate professor HG 7.83 Home Employee
Stahl, Christian PostDoc MF 7.062 Home Scholar
Trcka, Nicola PostDoc HG 7.81
Verdonk, Marc PhD student HG 7.42
Vogelaar, Jan PhD student HG 7.43
Voorhoeve, Marc Assistant professor HG 7.86 Home
Wakholi, Peter Khisa Nuffic PhD student
Werf, Jan Martijn van der PostDoc MF 7.060 Home Scholar
Westergaard, Michael PostDoc MF 7.066 Home Scholar
Woude, Jaap van der Lecturer MF 6.145 Home Employee