Dirk Fahland

Position: Associate-Professor (UHD)
Room: MF 7.066
Tel (internal): 4804
Projects: Process Mining in Logistics
Courses: 2IMI00, 2IMI05, 2IMI20
Links: TU/e page, Personal home page, Google scholar page, Scopus page, DBLP page
Dirk is Associate-Professor (UHD) in the AIS group. He completed his PhD with summa cum laude at Humboldt-Univeristät zu Berlin and Eindhoven University of Technology in 2010. His research interests include distributed processes and systems built from distributed components for which he investigates modeling systems (using process modeling languages, Petri nets, or scenario-based techniques), analyzing systems for errors or misconformances (through verification or simulation), and process mining/specification mining techniques for discovering system models from event logs. He particularly focuses on distributed system with multi-instance characteristics and their synchronizing and interacting behaviors. Dirk published his research results in over 40 articles at international conferences and journals and implemented them in a number of software tools.