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 | ::: | **Projects:​** | [[:​research:​projects:​core603993|Core]] | | ::: | **Projects:​** | [[:​research:​projects:​core603993|Core]] |
 | ::: | **Courses:​** | [[:​education:​courses:​2016:​2iic0|2IHI10/​2IIC0]],​ [[:​education:​courses:​2016:​2iie0|2IIE0]],​ [[:​education:​courses:​2016:​2imi35|2IMI35]] | | ::: | **Courses:​** | [[:​education:​courses:​2016:​2iic0|2IHI10/​2IIC0]],​ [[:​education:​courses:​2016:​2iie0|2IIE0]],​ [[:​education:​courses:​2016:​2imi35|2IMI35]] |
-| ::: | **Links:** | [[http://​www.win.tue.nl/​~mdeleoni/​|Personal home page]], [[http://​scholar.google.com/​citations?​user=OejM6_AAAAAJ|Google scholar page]], [[http://​www.tue.nl/​staff/​m.d.leoni|TU/​e employee page]] | +| ::: | **Links:** | [[http://​www.win.tue.nl/​~mdeleoni/​|Personal home page]], [[http://​scholar.google.com/​citations?​user=OejM6_AAAAAJ|Google scholar ​page]], [[https://​www.scopus.com/​authid/​detail.uri?​authorId=22937181700|Scopus page]], [[http://​orcid.org/​0000-0002-8447-5374|ORCID ​page]], [[http://​www.tue.nl/​staff/​m.d.leoni|TU/​e employee page]] | 
-| |||+Dr. Massimiliano de Leoni is assistant professor at the AIS group. His research focuses in the areas of Process-aware Information Systems and Business Process Management, predominantly on multi-perspective process mining, process-aware decision support systems as well as on visualization techniques for business process management and analysis. He has a genuine interest in the practical applications of his research in real-life settings, which led him to concretely develop his ideas in term of software tools and apply them with a large number of organizations world-wide. ​|||