DSC/e & NWO Graduate Program

Data Science Center Eindhoven


Recent technological and societal changes led to an explosion of digitally available data. Exploiting the available data to its fullest extent, in order to improve decision making, increase productivity, and deepen our understanding of scientific questions, is one of today's key challenges. Data science is an emerging area that aims to address this challenge. It is a multi-disciplinary area, where computer science and mathematics play crucial roles. The Graduate Program on Data Science leverages the presence at the TU/e of excellent research groups in the data-science area, and to give highly talented students the opportunity to be educated in and contribute to this exciting area. The positions are funded by the NWO Graduate Program.

The Graduate Program on Data Science is part of the Data Science Center Eindhoven (DSC/e), launched in December 2013. It builds on the excellence of several research groups within the department that together cover many of the core topics in data science: algorithms, visualization, data mining, process mining, statistics and probability, stochastics, operations research, and optimization. This ensures a stimulating and excellent environment for the selected students.

The projects fall at the intersection of computer science and mathematics, and are expected to open up promising connections between these fields. Together with the intended supervisors from the relevant research group(s), the students will have the opportunity to define their own research project. The overall aim is to make fundamental advances in the area of Data Science.

Staff involved