Policy and Security Configuration Management


This Large-scale Integrating Project (IP) in FP7 aims to support policy and security configuration management in Future Internet (FI) applications. FI applications will see dynamic compositions of services providing a broad diversity of functions, starting with business functionality down to infrastructure services. PoSecCo overcomes policy and security related problems by establishing a traceable and sustainable link between high-level requirements and low-level configuration settings. Operations will be supported by self-managed features and decision support systems. Substantial improvements are expected in the areas of policy modeling and conflict detection across architectural layers, decision support for policy refinement processes, policy and configuration change management including validation, remediation and audit support, and security management processes in FI application scenarios. PoSecCo addresses the economic viability of the chosen approach by assessing cost and organizational benefits of an improved policy and configuration management. TU/e’s contribution will be mainly in the area of process mining (www.processmining.org).

Staff involved