TACTICS - Techniques for the Analysis of Client-Team InteraCtionS


In various care and service settings (e.g. mental healthcare, youth care, social work), teams of professionals interact with clients to improve their well-being. The TACTICS project aims at the development of automated techniques to generate insights into the evolving statuses of such clients as well as the way how actions of care teams influence clients. The inputs for these algorithms are large sets of heterogeneous, operational data, such as team reports, sensor data, client records and emergency reports.

This project address various data handling and data analytics challenges. First of all, it will be necessary to align sets of heterogeneous and partially unstructured data. Secondly, the concept of a client status, which is non-protocolled, must be developed from this data. Thirdly, it must become feasible to automatically detect the characteristics and variations in team practices. Finally, the team practices need to be related to how client statuses develop over time, such that care organisations can transfer beneficial work practices from one team to the other.

Staff involved