Noon seminar

The informal research seminar of the ALGO and AGA groups. Talks last roughly 25 minutes, with five extra minutes allocated for discussion. Many presentations are focussed on recent conference presentations, or practice talks for upcoming conferences. New members are often asked to give an overview of their field of research. Talks given by invited speakers may take up to 45-60 minutes including questions.

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Autumn & Winter 2005

Time: Tuesdays at 11:30 - 12:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Aug 30TuesdayHG 5.95Elena MumfordOn Rectilinear Duals for Vertex-Weighted Plane Graphs
Sep 6TuesdayHG 6.05TBATBA
Sep 13TuesdayHG 6.05TBATBA
Sep 20TuesdayHG 5.95Shripad ThiteSpacetime Meshing for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
Sep 27TuesdayHG 5.95Chris GrayTriangulating Guarded Polygons
Oct 4TuesdayESA 2005 - Mallorca (Spain)
Oct 11TuesdayHG 6.05Herman HaverkortMatching multiple polylines to polygons (Cancelled!)
Oct 18TuesdayHG 5.95TBATBA
Oct 25TuesdayHG 6.05TBATBA
Nov 1TuesdayHG 5.95TBATBA
Nov 8TuesdayHG 5.95TBATBA
Nov 15TuesdayHG 6.05TBATBA
Nov 22TuesdayIPA Herfstdagen on Security
Nov 29TuesdayHG 5.95TBATBA
Dec 6TuesdayHG 5.95TBATBA
Dec 12MondayHG 5.95Chris GrayVertical Ray Shooting and Computing Depth Orders for Fat Objects
Dec 20TuesdayHG 6.05TBATBA
Christmas Holidays


Spring & Summer 2005

Time: Tuesdays at 11:30 - 12:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Jan 18TuesdayDutch Computational Geometry Day (Utrecht University)
Jan 25TuesdayTBATBATBA
Feb 1TuesdayIPA Basic Course on Algorithms and Complexity
Feb 8TuesdayHG 5.95Sheung-Hung PoonCurve Reconstruction by Voronoi Filtering
Feb 15TuesdayHG 6.05aXavier GoaocHelly type theorem for traversals
Feb 22TuesdayHG 6.05aMohammad FarshiFinding the best shortcut in a geometric network
Mar 1TuesdayHG 5. 95Problem Solving Session
Mar 8TuesdayEuropean Workshop on Computational Geometry (TU/e)
Mar 15TuesdayHG 6.05aPeter KortewegDiameter of the Transportation Polytope
Mar 22TuesdayHG 6.05aMark de BergVertical Ray Shooting for Fat Objects
Mar 29TuesdayHG 6.05aMohammad AbamKinetic convex hulls
Apr 5TuesdayHG 6.05aBettina SpeckmannTripod: a Minimalist Data Structure for Embedded Triangulations
Apr 12TuesdayHG 6.05aProblem Solving Session
Apr 19TuesdayHG 6.05aHan HoogeveenGetting rid of stochasticity
Apr 26TuesdayHG 6.05aSheung-Hung PoonOn Straightening Low-Diameter Unit Trees
May  3TuesdayHG 6.05aTBATBA
May 10TuesdayHG 6.05aMicha StreppelEfficient c-Oriented Range Searching with DOP-Trees
May 17TuesdayHG 6.05aSeokhee HongAlgorithms for Symmetric Graph Drawing
May 23MondayHG 8.61Laura Heinrich-LitanRectangle Covers
May 31TuesdayHG 6.05aSvetlana A. KravchenkoScheduling jobs with equal processing times and time windows on identical parallel machines
Peter BruckerPreemptive and Nonpreemptive Schedules
Jun 7TuesdaySymposium on Computational Geometry (Pisa)
Jun 14TuesdayHG 5.95Joachim GudmundssonFast path simplification for metro map layout
Jun 21TuesdayHG 5.95Jack SnoeyinkRigidity in 3d
Jun 28TuesdayHG 6.05aTBATBA
Jul 5TuesdayHG 6.05aTBATBA
Jul 12TuesdayHG 6.05aTBATBA
Jul 19TuesdayHG 6.05aTBA (C. O.)TBA
Jul 26TuesdayHG 6.05aTBATBA
Summer Break