Noon seminar

The informal research seminar of the ALGO and AGA groups. Talks last roughly 25 minutes, with five extra minutes allocated for discussion. Many presentations are focussed on recent conference presentations, or practice talks for upcoming conferences. New members are often asked to give an overview of their field of research. Talks given by invited speakers may take up to 45-60 minutes including questions.

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Time: Tuesdays at 11:30 - 12:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Feb 12TuesdayHG 5.95Alexander WolffNew Results on Untangling Planar Graphs
Feb 26TuesdayHG 5.95Amir Ali Khosravi DehkordiKinetic Data structure for Visibility Problem
Mar 4TuesdayHG 5.95Freek van WalderveenSpace-filling curve properties for efficient spatial index structures
Mar 11TuesdayHG 5.95Chris GrayDecomposing non-convex fat polyhedra
Mar 18TuesdayEuropean Workshop on Computational Geometry 2008
Mar 25TuesdayHG 5.95Christian LuijtenFlow Cartograms
Apr 1TuesdayHG 5.95Jarek ByrkaComputing Approximate Nash Equilibria Bimatrix Games
Apr 8TuesdayPhD Defense Mohammad Farshi
Apr 22TuesdayHG 5.95Mark de BergThe Complexity of Bisectors and Voronoi Diagrams on Realistic Terrains
Apr 29TuesdayHG 5.95Leo van IerselOn the Simplicity of Evolution: Algorithms for Phylogenetic Networks
Jun 3TuesdayHG 5.95Fred van NijnattenRange assignment in wireless networks with directional antenna
Jun 10TuesdayHG 5.95John van den BroekA Column Generation Approach for the post Enrolment Course Timetabling Problem of the ITC
Jul 8TuesdayHG 5.95Peter KooijmansFixed-Weight Minimum-Dilation Networks
Aug 19TuesdayHG 5.95Boris AronovE-nets for rectangles
Sep 2TuesdayHG 5.95Freek Van WalderveenLocality and bounding-box quality of two-dimensional space-filling curves
Sep 16TuesdayEuropean Symposium on Algortihms (ESA) 2008 Karlsruhe Germany
Sep 23TuesdayInternational symposium on Graph Drawing (GD) 2008 Heraklion Hellas
Sep 30TuesdayHG 5.95Mark de BergUnions of Fat Polytopes have Short Skeletons
Oct 14TuesdayHG 5.95Bettina SpeckmanSubdivision Drawings of hypergraphs
Oct 21TuesdayTU/e Workshop on Graph Drawing
Nov 11TuesdayHG 5.95Amirali Khosravi DehkordiOptimal Binary Space Partitions
Dec 2TuesdayHG 5.95Constantinos TsirogiannisOptimal Site Elimination
Dec 9TuesdayHG 5.95Elena MumfordSelf-overlapping Curves Revisited
Dec 16TuesdayHG 5.95Natasha JovanovicAsymptotic Bounds on Minimum Blocking Sets