Noon seminar

The informal research seminar of the ALGO and AGA groups. Talks last roughly 25 minutes, with five extra minutes allocated for discussion. Many presentations are focussed on recent conference presentations, or practice talks for upcoming conferences. New members are often asked to give an overview of their field of research. Talks given by invited speakers may take up to 45-60 minutes including questions.

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Autumn & Winter 2009

Time: Tuesdays at 11:30 - 12:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Sept 8 Tuesday European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA) Copenhagen, Denmark
Sept 15 Tuesday HG 5.95 Kevin Verbeek On Planar Supports for Hypergraphs
Sept 22 Tuesday International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD) Chicago, USA
Sept 29 Tuesday HG 5.95 Kevin Buchin On the Number of Spanning Trees a Planar Graph Can Have
Oct 6 Tuesday HG 5.95 Marc van Kreveld Bold Graph Drawings
Oct 13 Tuesday HG 5.95 Mark de Berg Better Bounds on the Union Complexity of Locally Fat Objects
Nov 10 Tuesday HG 5.95 Valentin Polishchuck From Advanced Route Planning to Basic Route Labeling
Dec 15 Tuesday HG 5.95 Mark de Berg Geometric spanners for weighted point sets
Christmas Holidays
Jan 12 Tuesday HG 5.95 Anne Driemel Approximating the Frechet Distance for Realistic Curves in Near Linear Time
Jan 18 Monday HG 5.95 Michael Hoffmann Plane Graphs with Parity Constraints
Jan 26 Tuesday HG 5.95 Martijn van Campenhout Travel Time Maps
Feb 2 Tuesday HG 5.95 Stefan Rijkers Augmenting Geometric Networks


Spring & Summer 2009

Time: Thursdays at 14:00 - 14:30

Date Room Speaker Title
Jan 27 Tuesday HG 5.95 Dirk Gerrits A PTAS for Geometric Scheduling
Feb 5 Thursday HG 6.29 Alexander Wolff Drawing Binary Tanglegrams: An Experimental Evaluation
Feb 12 Thursday HG 5.95 Mohammed El-Kebir Breeding Schedule Optimization
Feb 19 Thursday HG 5.95 Murat Firat Cutting Plane Algorithms for Stable Assigments in Many-To-One Matching Problems
Feb 26 Thursday HG 5.95 Mark de Berg Circular Partitions
Mar 5 Thursday HG 5.95 Paul van Hoeij Constructing Minimum-Cost Solder Paths
Mar 12 Thursday HG 5.95 Various EWCG Practice Talk Session
Mar 18 Thursday European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EWCG) 2009, Brussels
Mar 26 Thursday HG 5.95 Various Open Problem Session
Apr 2 Thursday HG 5.95 Bojan Djordjevic Detecting Regular Visit Patterns
Apr 9 Thursday HG 5.95 Marcel Roeloffzen Finding Structures on Imprecise Points
Apr 16 Thursday IPA Spring Days 2009 Helvoirt
Apr 23 Thursday HG 5.95 Herman Haverkort I/O-efficient Algorithms
Apr 30 Thursday Queen's Day
May 14 Thursday HG 5.95 Constantinos Tsirogiannis Efficient Implicit Watershed Computation
May 21 Thursday Ascension Day
May 28 Thursday HG 5.95 Marco Verstege Fixed Weight Minimum Dilation Networks
Jun 4 Thursday HG 5.95 Joery Mens I/O-efficient quadtrees
Jun 11 Thursday Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG) 2009 Aarhus
Jul 2 Thursday HG 5.95 Eva Ploum Usability Testing (for Graph Drawing)
Summer Break