Noon seminar

The informal research seminar of the ALGO and AGA groups. Talks last roughly 25 minutes, with five extra minutes allocated for discussion. Many presentations are focussed on recent conference presentations, or practice talks for upcoming conferences. New members are often asked to give an overview of their field of research. Talks given by invited speakers may take up to 45-60 minutes including questions.

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Quartile 2 (2013-2014):
Time: Tuesdays 13:30 - 14:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Jan 7 Tuesday TBA TBA TBA
Jan 14 Tuesday MF3.119 Otfried Cheong Weight Balancing on Boundaries and Skeletons
Jan 21 Tuesday MF6.131 Mathijs Miermans A force-directed algorithm for drawing curved metro maps
Jan 28 Tuesday TBA TBA TBA

Quartile 3:
Time: Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Feb 4 Tuesday TBA TBA
Feb 11 Tuesday TBA TBA
Feb 21 Friday
MF3.119 Quirijn Bouts
Rafael Cano
Max Konzack
Irina Kostitsyna
Marcel Roeloffzen
Wouter Meulemans
EuroCG / PacificVis practice session
Feb 25 Tuesday - - -
Mar 4 Tuesday - EuroCG week
Mar 11 Tuesday MF3.141 Herman Haverkort Space-filling curves for 3D mesh traversals
Mar 21 Friday
MF3.141 Mark de Berg Arrangements: upper envelopes, single cells and other substructures
Mar 28 Friday
MF3.144 Mark de Berg Arrangements: applications

Quartile 4:
Time: Mondays 11:30 - 12:00

Date Room Speaker Title
May 12 Monday MF3.119 Wilco van Maanen CANCELLED
May 13 Tuesday
MF3.119 Ivo Vigan Covering a Polygon Boundary with Geodesic Unit Disk
May 14 Wednesday
MF12 Mathijs Miermans A Purely Force-Directed Algorithm for Drawing Curved Metro Maps
May 19 Monday MF3.141 Quirijn Bouts A Framework for Computing the Greedy Spanner (practice talk SoCG)
May 26 Monday
MF3.119 Ronald van Zon Dynamic real-time collision detection
Jun 2 Monday MF3.141 Wilco van Maanen I/O efficient single source shortest path algorithms for massive grid based graphs
Jun 5 Thursday
MF3.119 Tim Ophelders Comparing Moving Complex Shapes
Jun 9 Monday TBA TBA TBA
Jun 18 Wednesday
MF6.131 Hans Zantema TBA
Jun 25 Wednesday
MF11 Students algorithm seminar Datastructures for triangulations
Jul 3 Thursday
MF3.141 Sander Jurgens Efficient improvement of network robustness
Jul 8 Tuesday
MF6.131 Tim Leijssen Kinetic conflict-free coloring of intervals
Aug 12 Tuesday
MF3.119 Wilco van Maanen Single Source Shortest path on massive data sets
Aug 22 Friday
MF6.131 Mark de Berg Partition trees: the basics
Aug 27 Wednesday
MF6.131 Mark de Berg CANCELLED
Aug 28 Thursday
MF3.119 Tim Ophelders Algorithms for Comparing Moving Complex Shapes
Aug 29 Friday
MF6.131 Mark de Berg CANCELLED

Quartile 1:
Time: Monday 13:00-14:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Sep 1 Monday
MF6.131 Carola Wenk Road map construction and comparison
Sep 16 Tuesday MF3.119 Arthur van Goethem Travel-time Maps: Linear Cartograms with Fixed Vertex Locations
(practice talk GIScience)
Sep 19 Friday
MF3.141 Siddique Baig A three-step strategy for generalization of 3D buildings modelled in CityGML
Sep 25 CANCELLED - Sander Jurgens CANCELLED
Sep 29 Monday MF6.131 Bart Jansen The Power of Preprocessing
Oct 7 Tuesday
MF3.141 Mehran Mehr Temporal Congestion Games
Oct 10 Friday
MF3.141 Aleksandar Markovic Integrality Gap for the Undirected TSP
Oct 13 Monday MF3.141 Rafael Cano Hexagonal Cartograms
Oct 20 Monday MF6.131 Valentin Polishchuk Optimal Geometric Flows via Dual Programs
Oct 24 Friday
MF11 Tim Leijssen Kinetic conflict-free coloring
(master thesis defense)
Oct 27 Monday MF6.131 Bettina Speckmann Packing Plane Spanning Trees and Paths in Complete Geometric Graphs
Nov 3 Monday MF 2 Arthur van Goethem Stenomaps: Shorthand for Shapes

Quartile 2:
Time: Monday 13:00-14:00

Date Room Speaker Title
Nov 10 Monday Van Trierzaal, Traverse (tentative) Sander Jurgens Improving network robustness using distance-based graph measures
(Master thesis defense)
Nov 24 Monday MF 11 Irina Kostitsyna Optimizing Airspace Closure with Respect to Politicians' Egos
Dec 8 Monday MF 12 Kevin Buchin Progressive Geometric Algorithms