2DMI10 — Applied Cryptography — 2017


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Default Schedule

There was some trouble with the room and timeslot assignment. I am working on fixing this, getting a room for the Thursday timeslot. The current assignment in the online system for Wednesday evenings is wrong. No worries.
Dates and time: Location:
Tuesday, 10:45 - 12:30 AUD.12
Thursday, 13:45 - 15:30 FLUX 1.05
Last lecture on Thursday, January 18th.

Lecture Videos

As we stopped tele-lecturing this year, the lectures are recorded. This has the advantage that also students that got conflicting lectures can follow the class. The videos should be online the day after the lecture. You can find the videos at the TU/e Mediasite (videocollege.tue.nl) under TU/e lectures → (2) Computer Science → 2DMI10 (2017-2018).


At the end of this course:


This course deals with modern applications of cryptography. Topics covered are These topics will be explained and failure cases and popular attacks will be pointed out. Depending on time and up to date developments the course might also cover private information retrieval, proofs of storage, quantum cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, and a 'bug of the week' section.


You have to write two papers, one in mid-term and one in the exam period. You will be asked to study some literature or a standard document, and report on that in written form. The first one will be on PKI, the second one on one of the other topics. In both cases there will be a list of topics from which you can choose.
The first paper has weight 1/3, the second one has weight 2/3.
All papers must be submitted encrypted and signed by email.



Here you find for each lecture a note on what has been treated, the slides, and further literature for some topics.

Tuesday, November 14th

Lecture on PKI.
Slides: [pptx] [pdf]
Topics: PKI basics; X.509; PGP; Certificates; Trust Models; Direkt trust; Web of trust; Hierarchical trust; Certificat chain validation.
Further reading:

Thursday, November 16th

Lecture on PKI.
Slides: [pptx] [pdf]
Topics: PKI; X.509 Certificates; Revocation (CRL, OCSP, Novomodo); WebPKI (Incidents and counter measures).
There was an issue with the microfone for the recordings of the second half of the lecture. You can watch the videos of last years lecture on Tuesday, 22nd of November, instead. I covered the same topic then (only the certification path models are missing there, so please also watch the first ~15min of this years lecture).
Further reading:

Tuesday, November 21st

Lecture by Tanja on kleptography.
Slides: [pdf]
Topics: Kleptography in RSA, DH, and Dual EC.
Further reading:

Thursday, November 23rd

Guest lecture by Dan Bernstein on DNSSEC.
Slides: [link]
Topics: The DNS security mess.
Further reading:

Tuesday, November 28th

Lecture on IPsec and SSL/TLS.
Slides: [pdf]
Topics: Crypto on different layers of the network stack; IPsec; SSL and TLS: key exchange, PRF, cipher suits.
Further reading:

Thursday, November 30th

Lecture on Attacks on SSL/TLS.
Slides: [pdf]
Topics: SSLstrip, BEAST, CRIME, BREACH, POODLE, FREAK, Logjam, ...
Further reading:

Tuesday, December 5th

Lecture on security of in use RSA signature schemes.
Slides: [pptx] [pdf]
Topics: Attacks on textbook and PKCS#1v1.x RSA signatures; existential unforgeability under adaptive chosen message attacks; the random oracle model; full domain hash; RSA-PFDH with secruity reduction in ROM.
Further reading:

Thursday, December 7th

Lecture on electronic cash.
Slides: [pdf]
Topics: Blind Signatures, RSA Blind Signatures, Chaums eCash (online, offline), Bitcoin.
Further reading:

Tuesday, December 12th

Lectures on anonymity networks.
Slides: [pdf]
Slides part 2: [pptx] [pdf]
Topics: Dining cryptographers, mix nets, Tor; Zero-knowledge proofs
Further reading:

Thursday, December 14th

Lecture on private social communication.
Slides: [pdf]
Topics: Secure chat protocols; OTR, cryptocat, mpOTR, SCIMP, Axolotl.
Further reading:

Tuesday, December 19th

Lecture on post-quantum cryptography.
Slides: [pdf] [pptx]
Topics: Quantum computation; conjectured quantum-hard problems; multivariate, code-base, lattice-based crypto; hash-based signatures.
Further reading:

Thursday, December 21st

Lecture on hash-based signatures and hash-and-sign.
Slides: [pptx] [pdf]
Topics: Hash-based signatures: Lamport's scheme, Merkle signature scheme, Winternitz OTS, XMSS, SPHINCS; Hash-and-sign: Hash-and-sign, TCR hash-and-sign, eTCR-hash-and-sign, multi-user secure hashing.
Further reading:

Tuesday, January 9th

Lecture on identity-based cryptography.
Slides: [pdf]
Topics: Identity-based cryptography, models for IB signature schemes (IBS) and encryption (IBE), generic construction for (IBS), Shamir's IBS, ind-id-cca/cpa, Boneh-Franklin IBE, security reduction for BF-IBE.
Further reading:

Thursday, December 15th

Lecture on Password Security and Password Hashing.
Slides: [pdf]
Topics: Differnt ways how to create passwords; dictionaries and rainbow tables; PBKDF2, bcrypt, scrypt, and Argon2.
Further reading:


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