The 'Asynchronous' Bibliography

The 'Asynchronous' Bibliography

In December 1991, Ad Peeters and Tom Verhoeff started an electronic bibliography on asynchronous circuits. The first version contained 184 items and was published in the proceedings of the workshop Design and Implementation of Asynchronous Circuits, which was held in Amsterdam, November 1991 (reference 'Korst92' in async.bib). The idea to set up this database emerged during this workshop. The BiBTeX format was chosen for the database, mainly because of the wide-spread use of LaTeX, the corresponding document preparation system. The bibliography currently (May 05, 2004) contains 1757 items.

The 'Asynchronous' Bibliography is clickable from this page in various formats. All communication concerning this bibliography can be sent to the email address shown below. Suggestions for additions to the list and other improvements are most welcome.


async.bib The BiBTeX file itself (ASCII)
async.html An HTML version of async.bib, including links to PDF/HTML/PS files when known
async.pdf A PDF version of async.bib A PostScript version of async.bib The corresponding email address


The bibliography is also accessible and searchable from Alf-Christian Achilles' database of public accessible bibliographies. You are encouraged to try Alf's search engine.


For those interested in statistics, we also keep track of the ups and downs of 'asynchronous' publications in the open literature. This is done in the form of 'Year of publication' versus 'Number of references', and three formats are available.

Asynchronous in the Web Press

Asynchronous Conferences

The International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems series:

Commercial Asynchronous ICs

The asynchronous 80c51 reported in Gageldonk98 and Gageldonk98a (referring to 'async.bib') has been industrialized in various forms in families of pager baseband, telephony, and smartcard ICs.

The pager ICs have later been incorporated into two pagers by Philips Consumer Communications. Sharp seems to be successful in selling the Data-Driven Media Processor:

Additional pointers to other commercial asynchronous ICs are most welcome!

Asynchronous Pointers

Asynchronous Logic Home Page

For an up-to-date collection of links related to asynchronous circuits and their design we refer to The Asynchronous Logic Home Page maintained at Manchester University.

Asynchronous Circuit Design Working Group

South Bank University (London, UK) maintains the ACiD-WG home page. ACiD is an ESPRIT working group on Asynchronous Circuit Design.

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