Clicking on phonenumbers with Lync

As of april 2013, there is still a relatively minor problem with the Lync telephony software as used at the faculty. This page documents the problem and a possible upcoming workaround.

The problem manifests itself most reliably when clicking on a telephone number in an email. This will start a telephone call using Lync, and is intended to be a quick way to call a person about an email conversation.

However this does not work correctly when the number looks like

+31 40 1234567

This notation is a standard telephone number notation used all over the world. At the TU/e however, we need to insert an extra zero before it is possible to make a call to outside the TU/e. This zero is missing in the number above.

Hence, when clicking on this number, Lync tries to call the internal number 3140, disregarding the other entered numbers. This is the problem.

This does not happen when entering the number on the telephone itself, or when entering the number in the Lync software, because the server system has built-in rules that convert those numbers internally to the correct number with the extra zero. And unfortunately it is not possible for the system to do this when clicking on the phone number in an email.

The short-term solution is to re-enter the number on your telephone yourself.

The long term solution that is currently being examined, is to remove the policy that enforces the extra zero to dial an outside line. This will of course be communicated very clearly before this is implemented in the telephone system. The solution first needs to be implemented on the test system, and extensively tested, and is thus still a way off.

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