BCF provides accounts for people that are eligible to receive an account. There are various types of accounts that cover access to various services on the network.

There are two types of main accounts that you can request:

  • Your global TU/e account that allows you to access the TU/e Windows domain. Every student and every employee will get such an account (along with the associated e-mail adress).
  • A faculty Linux account, that allows you to access the faculty Linux servers and workstations.

If you are eligible, you can request an account online. Note that this may take up to three days to process! An overview of the procedure is also available.

Who is eligible for an account?

You are eligible for (a certain type of) account:

  • if you are an employee of the faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science
  • if you are a Ph.D. student (AIO) at the faculty
  • if you are finishing your Master at the faculty
  • if your workplace is located at the faculty and you need to use some of the faculty resources (e.g. network printers)
  • if you are a student at the faculty and you need access to a Linux machine

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