Account request procedure

For practically all services on our network, an account is required. BCF has multiple types of accounts available, but not all of these are granted at the helpdesk at BCF. The accounts that can be received there are:

  • normal Windows accounts
  • normal Linux accounts
  • guest Windows accounts
  • guest Linux accounts

When an account is requested, BCF uses the following procedure to grant or deny an account, and to determine what type of account is given. At first the distinction is made between 3 types of requests:

  • employees
  • students
  • guests

The procedure is as follows:

  1. if the account is requested for an employee
    1. if the employee is new to the TU/e, the Personnel Office will have to verify all relevant details of the account. This is necessary because of the TU/e wide synchronization of accounts and personnel data (such as telephone nrs etc). This step can (unfortunately) take up to one day. After PO has verified all details, BCF always grants the employee a normal Windows account. If requested, the employee is also granted a normal Linux account. Note that the Windows account is not optional, because of the CvB ruling that every employee should have an address and be listed in the Outlook contact list. Besides that the account is necessary for services such as dial-in and VPN.
    2. if the employee was already employed at the TU/e but at another faculty, BCF will need to request a move of the account. This can take a few days because this needs coordination from both faculty's IT departments, in order to not disrupt the ability of the employee to continue using the loginname.
  2. if the account is requested for a student
    1. if the student is enrolled at the TU/e as a student, he/she should already have (or shortly thereafter, receive) a normal TU/e Windows account. Therefore BCF needs to know what the purpose is of the account:
      1. if the account is needed only to use faculty resources (such as the printers for employees), BCF will not give out a separate account. Instead the student account will be granted access to those resources.
      2. if the account is requested because the student needs to work on a Windows machine on the faculty network, there is nothing to be done -- normal student accounts will work on a normal W&I Windows machine.
      3. if the account is requested because the student needs to work on a Linux machine on the faculty network, BCF will first request information why the student cannot use the student server which BCF provides for this reason. If it is determined that the student needs to use the faculty Linux machines, BCF requires the signature of the student's supervisor (for in normal cases this should only occur for some kind of project); if no supervisor is available, the "opleidingsdirecteur" will have to sign. After BCF has obtained that signature, a normal Linux account is granted to the student.
      4. in other cases, more information is needed -- this should be a rare occurrance.
      Notice that a student will only have access to the WiFi, LAN connections are only allowed for TU/e devices.
    2. if the student is not enrolled at the TU/e (for example, students that participate in an exchange student program), BCF treats them like guests, so follow the procedure below.
  3. if the account is requested for a guest:
    1. if the guest is here for a month, or shorter, BCF can recycle a guest account (either Windows or Linux, as required). All that is needed is a signature from the supervisor. BCF registers the supervisor and the name of the guest and associates these with the guest account. Guests will not have e-mail addresses, or home directories, but this should normally not be necessary for such a short period of time.
    2. if the guest will be here for longer than a month, BCF treats them as new employees of the TU/e. This is because of the loose coupling between guest accounts and guests themselves; there is no authoritative source of information about the guests other than the supervisor, and practice has shown that this leads to lots of misunderstandings about e.g. the personal details of the guest (location, internal phone nr), or the length of time that the guest will be at the faculty. So follow the procedure for the employee new at the TU/e, at the top of this page. This includes registering at the Personnel Office, which is necessary to ensure that the TU/e wide registry of personnel (also shown in Outlook) stays correct.

In the interest of completeness, below is a list of accounts that can be requested that BCF does not normally give out, or that are managed by other people, along with an e-mail address of the person responsible for the management:

For account-types that are not available as choices on the account request form, a mail to the appropriate manager is usually sufficient (along with an explanation for the reason that the account is needed).

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