Hardware support

BCF provides hardware support for all hardware that is ordered through BCF. Requests for new hardware, or requests for upgrades of existing hardware can be made at your IT Committee representative.

Normally employees choose from a preselected list of hardware that BCF fully supports. Employees are entitled to a selection of hardware according to their employee positioncategory, according to the employee pages of the faculty.

BCF keeps the list of current models available here.

Hardware that you have bought yourself, including old hardware that we sell, or hardware bought with TU/e regulations such as "PC privè" is not supported.

When you request a new PC you can select one of our supported platforms. We will deliver the PC with this platform pre-installed so that we can optimally support your PC in the future.

Outside of PCs, BCF takes care of installation and management of all common faculty hardware such as the network printers that are located throughout the building.

If you encounter a problem with our hardware, please contact the helpdesk as soon as possible. We will try and repair the problem, and if that fails we will deliver a comparable replacement while your hardware is away for repair. In most cases we have the exact same model PC available and thus we can solve the problem the same working day..

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Questions? Mail to helpdesk.win@tue.nl