Every night BCF arranges for backups to be made from the following data:

Most of these backups have a retention time of 1 month. The cycle time and snapshot intervals may change in future, however.

Please see the respective platform home directory pages in case you have accidentally removed data in your home directory that you still need.

Unfortunately it is not possible to restore individual mailboxes from the Exchange mail server. Doing so would restore all mailboxes to a certain point in time, therefore affecting all users at once, and this is not desired. It is possible to recover e-mail from your Deleted items folder for up to 3 months after deletion, however.

Please note that NO DATA other than on the drives above can be recovered in case of failures! This implicates that you really do not want to store valuable data on your C: and D: drives in Windows, or in /tmp, /scratch etc. in Linux. Remember to store your important data on a network disk!

Furthermore, note that these backups are not a replacement for version control. The centrally provided backup service (which BCF uses for a number of servers) has a retention time of 3 months. But this is only guaranteed for disaster recovery (complete server restores), and not for individual files. Therefore, be sure not to rely on these retention times for version management. Instead, consider using our Subversion service.

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