Buying old hardware

For employees of Mathematics and Computer Science there exists the opportunity to buy the hardware that is being used. This is only possible once the hardware is old enough to be replaced. But replacement of the hardware will be done if you can't work properly with it anymore.

The policy of the faculty is that a computer is in normal service for four years after it has been ordered. After this term has expired, the employee that is using the computer can buy it for a nominal fee (see below).

In rare cases, the computer can also be bought before the four years term has expired. In this case the fee is higher. In the first year of normal service, the employee can buy it for 100% of the original cost. This percentage reduces with 25% each year. So the fee is 75% of the original cost in the second year, 50% in the third year, 25% in the fourth year, and a nominal fee after that.

The exact amount for which machines are sold after the warranty expires depends on the type of machine:

Notebook€ 35,-
Desktop (without mouse/keyboard)€ 25,-
Desktop (with mouse/keyboard)€ 35,-
Monitor€ 25,-

The machines that can be bought are both desktop computers and laptops. Desktop computers come without a monitor; those need to be bought separately.

Note that both desktop computers and laptops are completely wiped clean before they can be sold -- this is because of licensing reasons, and cannot be avoided. Because the machines have been bought with a license for MS Windows, you can use a Surfspot upgrade license to install a new operating system yourself.

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