File Transfer

On the webserver

You may be visiting this page because your disk quota was exceeded while trying to publish a big file on the department webserver or another webserver. Then the Filesender may be a better solution and for emplyees, SURFdrive is easier to use for files smaller than 100 GB.


See one of

FileSender introduction (en)
FileSender inleiding (nl)

SURFfilesender | Home (en)
SURFfilesender | Home (nl)

or go directly to the login page
from where you:

  • select your institution (TU/e)
  • login using your TU/e credentials
  • upload the file
  • enter up to 100 recipients who will receive a download link by mail
    You will receive a copy for all of these mails.

Multiple recipients

Here are the options to send a file to multiple recipients:

  1. You may enter up to 100 recipients in the filesender form, but it may be hard to enter them all on the one-line field.
    • Recipients receive uniqe download links by mail
    • You receive a copy for each of these mail messages
    • Each download generates a mail to you, from the recipient
  2. Enter just one recipient, for example yourself (which is accepted).
    Use a more convenient mail-facility to re-distribute the download link.
    • Recipients receive a uniform download link
    • Each download still generates a mail to you, apparently from the single recipient


All employees at TU/e can use surfdrive. Pointers to this service can be found on the ICT services site.

Files and folders can be shared, also with guest users.

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