IT committee

The department's IT committee (formerly named GebruikersCommissie Automatisering (GCA)) is the primary means of communication between the department's IT support staff (BCF) and the groups within the department.

Each group has a group representative, usually someone who does IT support within the group. The representative communicates the group's wishes to BCF, and communicates plans and questions from BCF to the group.

Within the department, groups are combined into sections. See the overview which we try to keep current.

The representative also keeps track of IT hardware (mostly standard workplace equipment) used or needed by the group, to make sure hardware needed by group members is requested in time.

Starting in 2017, the IT committee is also involved in developing departmental It policies.

The committee has roughly bi-monthly progress meetings to discuss ongoing and future IT-related issues and developments within the department.

Its members are listed in the WINgca group in the Exchange address list, which can also be queried from Outlook Web Access.

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