Mail directory (LDAP)

Users of Outlook can use the Outlook Global Addressbook to quickly find the e-mail addresses of other employees.

By using LDAP you can get functionality similar to this addressbook in most other mail clients. Mail clients that have LDAP support include:

  • Outlook Express
  • Mozilla Mail (Thunderbird)
  • KMail, configure via KAddressbook
  • Evolution, configure in View→Windows-→Contacts, right-click→New Address Book

Settings for your mailclient

  • Server:
  • Port: 389
  • TLS enabled
  • Search Base: DC=campus,DC=tue,DC=nl
  • Bind DN: CN=YourDisplayName\, X.Y.,OU=Users,OU=WIN,DC=campus,DC=tue,DC=nl
  • Bind Password: one of:
    • emtpy, if you have a Kerberos ticket. Then the ldap client library falls back to Kerberos, but mailclients are still able to make that fail.
    • yourpassword, and hope that your mailclient keeps it in your keyring

This LDAP server is no longer supported and does not always find all existing matches anymore.

In case you still want to use it, here are the required settings for your mail client:

  • Server:
  • Port: 389
  • SSL (Secure Connection): No
  • Login settings
      There is no login required, so:
    • Bind DN: (empty)
    • Authentication / Login method: Anonymously
  • Search base: dc=tue,dc=nl
  • Scope: Sub (tree)

Note: For security and privacy reasons, the LDAP server is only available from the TUE network.

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