Mailinglists, your own

Often people are organized into groups, and it is needed to contact all these people using e-mail. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Create a private lists using the facilities of your mailprogram. The only one that can post to the members of the list is you, but it is quite simple to set up. Most useful for a distribution list without lots of replies.
  • Distribution lists in Outlook. These can be requested at the helpdesk. Anyone using Outlook can manage the list, and it is possible to limit senders to the list to a group of Outlook accounts. Most of the management functions are also available in Outlok Web Access
  • A list based on the mailman software on . You can request a mailing list that will get an address of the form Desired This will work for all e-mail clients, but requires a bit more involved administration for the list manager.

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