Mail domains

BCF provides e-mail support for the domains

  •, for as long as it lasts

The domain is being discouraged:

  • Mailbox quota are no longer increased
  • Alias-addresses are no longer created

Other maildomains

To summarize, to host other maildomains inside the campus, you need to:

  • reroute the mail traffic
  • register the other domains for relay

In more detail:

In general,

  • Traffic passing the edge of the campus network to port 25 is only allowed for the mailedge servers.
    That is, only these servers can receive mail from or send mail to hosts outside the campus through that port.
    And, these mailedge servers:
    • only host a few maildomains
    • relay traffic only for registered other maildomains.
  • Unauthenticated mail (SMTP) is mostly exchanged through that port

so that for most other maildomains that you whish to host inside the campus,

  • You will need to setup your own mailserver
  • You need to route all SMTP-traffic through the mailedge servers, that is:
    • Request a relay for your maildomain. We will only process requests for relay for long-lasting projects.
    • Configure the routing of:
      • Incoming mail: in your DNS-registration, by MX-records.
      • Outgoing mail: on your mailserver, to go to


Your MX-records need to point to one of:

  • the surfnet mail-exchangers, which:

    • check incoming mail for:
      • black-listed origins: that mail is blocked
      • spam: scores are added as mail-headers
      • virus attachments: they are replaced by warnings
    • pass the mail to the mailedge servers

  • the mailedge servers, directly.
    They also check for spam and viruses, but not for blacklists.

After passing the checks, incoming mail:

  • will be sent on to the your mailserver, if it's reachable.
  • queued for a while otherwise

Please make sure that all registered mailservers are reachable. Too much queued mail can clog the central mail servers which leads to disruption of service for the whole campus. We will not hesitate to disable queuing for unreachable domains.

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