Spam filtering

Spam is e-mail that is sent without consent and is unwanted. Spam is an increasing threat to the viability of e-mail as a method of communication. Removing spam is a task that is starting to take as much time as reading regular e-mail itself.

That is why Dienst ICT has instated a service at the central mail server that tags every e-mail sent with a so-called 'spam score'. The higher the spam score, the more probable that it is really spam.

It is possible to set up your favourite e-mail client to automatically filter e-mails with a spam score above a certain threshhold into a separate folder. This cuts down on the time required to deal with spam.

More technically: every e-mail that is given spam score 5 or above will have 2 headers added:

The spam score, and details about this e-mail's score, and the "required" value in order to consider it real spam
YES if the spam score is equal to or higher than the "required" value. If the e-mail is not spam, this header will not be present.

Using these headers you can filter your e-mail. For details about this process, see the application specific pages for your e-mail client:

If you receive your mail on Linux, you can also consider filtering your mail using procmail.

If you are subscribed to a mailinglist that looks like spam to the spam scorer, you can contact the helpdesk to put that list on a so-called "whitelist", that contains addresses that should not be marked as spam.

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