Netwerkkast Noord

BCF is responsible for all network facilities at the faculty. The Dienst ICT services, implements and monitors the network for us. BCF connects and disconnects people to both the wired and wireless networks.

The wired network consists of 3 racks of Cisco switches, all with 100mbit client ports. The switches are all connected using gigabit links to our core routers, which are connected to the TU/e backbone. All of the Cisco switches are serviced by Dienst ICT.

The wireless network consists of 802.11b/g Cisco access points. For options to get access to the wireless network, see the links on the left. All infrastructure is serviced by Dienst ICT.

All hardware delivered to you by BCF are configured and registered to work directly on the appropriate networks. If you have trouble connecting to the network, please contact the helpdesk so that they can help you.

If you have other hardware that needs to get access, please drop by the helpdesk to learn what your options are. We can provide guest access for short periods of time.

Please note: if you (re)configure your machine yourself, we will not hesitate to remove your network access the moment that we discover that your machine is causing trouble on the network. Furthermore we will not support any network access to or from your machine.

With the above warning in mind, we do have a list of all technical network information, and a list of network services available.

For network access from outside the TU/e, Dienst ICT provides a dial-in service and a VPN service.

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