Domain registration (overview)

In case you want to register your own domain name, you need to contact the helpdesk. This goes for all domains of the forms:

  3.,,, etc.

Note that "simply" buying a domain name outside the TU/e will not work. Or at least, you will have a domain name that does not function as well as it should. This is because of various TU/e network policies, mostly related to e-mail.

In all cases you will need to provide the reasons as to why you want to have a domain name. Most commonly people want to have both a web-presence and e-mail addresses. Therefore, we will assess those reasons as follows:

  1. The first case above, is relatively easy to implement. Therefore we can do this for smaller projects, e.g. for 6 months+. Note that anything less than this is not worth the hassle of setting up a complete subdomain. Please ask the webmaster for a separate subsite instead.

  2. Consider the second form for project that will last at least a year.

  3. For the third form, You need to register the domain.
    BCF (not yet the ICT services that we are part of) provides domain registration.

    For this domain,

    • as maildomain, you have the options to
      • relay incoming mail at the domain provider, to
      • setup an MX-record at the domain provider, in which case you also have to
        • setup a mailserver for the domain
        • request permission to relay the mail to your mailserver

    • as website domain,
      • have a DNS A record point to
      • request a virtual host on

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