Network parameters

Every PC and laptop on the network is assigned a dynamic IP, using DHCP. Every modern operating system is configured to get such an address by default. Do not invent or claim these addresses on your own! We will find out and then disable your network access completely.

There are few PCs that really need a fixed IP address. Most of the requests we get are for do-it-yourself Linux PCs. Due to the fact that the fixed IP addresses require more maintenance, and are more prone to network attacks, we will only grant fixed IPs in special circumstances! Please be prepared to let us know the reasons why you think you really need one.

The parameters below should automatically be set to the right values if you use DHCP (even for the fixed IP addresses). In case you really need to know they are listed here:

IP-address: dynamic (or else as agreed to)
Hostname: dynamic (or else as agreed to)

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