mytue without VPN

On systems such as Linux where connecting to is difficult, accessing mytue can be a challenge.

Here is a workaround using SSH-tunneling:

  • add in /etc/hosts to the entry for localhost localhost.localdomain ....
  • As root on your Linux system, start:
    ssh -v -4 -N -L
    • This sshserver may be any system that allows ssh sessions
    • The remote account can be a regular account
    • Keep this terminal open to watch the debug messages

  • On your browser, open
    • Check that the ssh-session start producing some output, especially:
      Local connections to LOCALHOST:443 forwarded to remote address
      If no output appears, something has gone wrong and you are not using the tunnel.

  • When done,
    • hit Ctrl-C to finish the ssh-tunnel
    • restore /etc/hosts, remove

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