sciencedirect without VPN

On systems such as Linux where you cannot connect to, accessing can be a challenge.

Here is a workaround using SSH-tunneling:

  • add in /etc/hosts to the entry for localhost localhost.localdomain ....
  • As root on your Linux system, start:
    ssh -v -4 -L
    • This sshserver may be any system that allows ssh sessions
    • The remote account can be a regular account
    • Keep this terminal open to watch the debug messages

  • On your browser, open
    • Check that the ssh-session reports
      Local connections to LOCALHOST:80 forwarded to remote address

  • When done,
    • hit Ctrl-C to finish the ssh-tunnel
    • restore /etc/hosts, remove

Why not use a higher port number

You may wonder why the local port needs to be 80.
For the initial connection, it may be a higher number, such as 4567, so that you would not need the root privilege.
Then you would have to open
That does work for the initial connection, but search actions will point to an absolute URL that is, without the alternate port implying the default port 80.

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