Unsupported hard- and software

In most cases, BCF tries to set you up with a fully supported work environment. Unfortunately due to the fact that we have limited time, we can only support hardware and software that we delivered ourselves.

This means that we do not provide support for

  • private laptops; we can give these laptops access to the network if necessary, but this is done sparingly
  • private PCs (mostly those bought using the old "PC-privé" project); although sometimes home-PCs are necessary for working at home, we cannot even begin to understand all hardware and software out in the wild; therefore we will do our best to let you run the necessary software but we must ultimately refer you to your own support options in case of trouble
  • private installations (mostly do-it-yourself Linux PCs); while we allow you to run your own operating system we encourage you to review your reasons to do so; some excellent arguments against it are provided at the do-it-yourself Linux page.
  • Apple MAC systems, although we allow emplyees for some reason to order them.

In most cases, when time permits, we will not turn you down immediately; we will try to help you if possible, but we cannot afford the time spent on unsupported issues to escalate further than about half an hour. And of course, despite all of this, you really are unsupported. That means that you cannot expect any service of us, and that we still can turn you down immediately (although we might not wish to).

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