Software support

BCF supports the basic software needed to use your computer on the faculty. We do this for our supported platforms, which at the moment are:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Mac OS X (Mountain Lion & Lion)
  • Fedora (Linux)

Note that we only support these platforms for our installations!. For both Windows and Linux there are lots of reasons why.

This means that we do not support PCs with an operating system that you installed yourself. Again, please see the links above for reasons why, and frequently asked questions about this situation.

For both platforms, you can install optional software yourself. For Windows you can find a list of optional software at the site of the Dienst ICT. For Linux we have our own list of optional software.

If it is discovered that your PC is running an older version of one of the supported platforms, installed by BCF, we will try to update it to the current version. This might involve a reinstallation, due to the additional support issues that upgrades bring (not only now, but also in the future). Note that we do not support older versions; as long as simple changes can alleviate problems we will try to avoid upgrades, but this policy will be void if any security-related problems are discovered for your older platform.

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