Borrowing hardware

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  • For M&CS-specific IT matters and facilities, please consult intranet;
  • for general IT matters and questions, please use TOPdesk, call 2000, or email

The following hardware is available for employees and students of the faculty to borrow at BCF. Please read the complete rules for borrowing before borrowing an item.


  • 4 Dell Latitude E7240 laptops
    Intel Core I5-4300U, 4Gb memory, 256GB Solid State Disk
    mouse, usb 3.0, ethernet, sd-cardreader, HDMI-port, mini-Displayport
    basic software pre-installed
    You are advised to reserve your laptop on time to install and test your own applications!


  • 4 Dell M409WX beamers
    Inputs for PC, Mac and TV
    Resolutions up to 720p HD-quality (1280x800 standard)
    2000 lumen
    We also have instructions on how to use the beamer with our laptops.

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