Borrowing rules

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  • For M&CS-specific IT matters and facilities, please consult intranet;
  • for general IT matters and questions, please use TOPdesk, call 2000, or email


  • Employees of the faculty are eligible to make reservations for hardware. Students are eligible only in a few cases and need to identify themselves using their student ID.
  • Reservations can be made at the helpdesk.
  • Hardware can only be on loan for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Be sure to make these reservation early, if all the specific hardware is reserved we cannot help you any further
  • Hardware should be picked up at the agreed upon time, and returned to before the agreed upon end time at BCF.
  • In case of a reservation conflict, we will grant reservations in the following order of priority:
    1. Educational and research activities (lectures, seminars, etc)
    2. PR-activities
    3. Student activities (e.g. for the student association) for which an exception has been made. Students are normally only allowed to borrow hardware for study-related activities.
    It can occur that a reservation will be canceled because of a higher priority reservation, but this can only happen more than one week in advance. Furthermore, in practice, BCF has enough hardware available except in very demanding times, so this is a very rare occurance.


  • Users are responsible for returning hardware in good order.
  • Users may not reconfigure hardware on loan
  • Users must inform BCF when they have made extensive changes to the preinstalled software (e.g. installing another operating system).
  • Any data on the hardware is the responsibility of the user. There are no backups.
  • On request (made at reservation time), or after a certain amount of time BCF will reinstall the hardware so as to allow users to work in a clean environment.
  • Users are responsible for making sure that their software works. Please allow some time in your schedule for testing your presentation beforehand. We are not as good at fixing errors with an audience impatiently waiting as we are at the helpdesk.

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