Visitor access cards

BCF is authorized to request room access cards for visitors of the faculty. On authorization of an employee of the faculty, written or by email, we will prepare a card for a visitor of the faculty to use.

In the request we need to know what room the visitor needs to access, as well as the length of time that the visitor will need the card. Of course we will not honor requests for access to rooms that the requesting employee does not need access to.

Note that for these cards, a "visitor" is someone who will stay at the faculty for less than one month. Guests of members of the faculty who will stay for longer than that period will have to be registered with P&O services, and will then be granted an official personal card.

All people eligible for the visitor access cards will need to personally visit BCF to pick up the card. Please bring your official identification so we can be sure that we give the card to the correct person. A fee of EUR 10,- will need to be payed in cash. This fee will be returned upon returning the card to BCF at the end of the visiting period.

Finally, only in rare exceptional cases will parking rights be granted on these cards. They are primarily meant to be used to access otherwise locked rooms.

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