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Types of Linux installations

BCF offers various kinds of Linux support. In principle, you have two options for working on a Linux system:

  • Let BCF install and maintain it. You may get limited administrative rights, depending on the system. This category includes three types of systems:
  • Do it yourself (DIY). BCF may (or may not) supply the hardware and/or the initial operating system; you do the rest. You have total freedom and responsibility. You handle all maintenance and problems (regular updates, handling security breaches, backups, ...)

Both kinds of installations are quite popular at the department. For systems managed by BCF, we support Fedora and CentOS. For DIY systems, Ubuntu 14.04 with the standard Unity GUI is most popular, but you are free to choose your own preference.

Levels of support

For the first category of systems, we are responsible for maintaining them (their hardware, operating systems, and any software we have installed on it) and making sure you can work with them. Any problems or questions you report will be answered and will be addressed as long as it concerns basic functionality of software offered in the standard setup.

Any questions about, or problems with, more advanced features, or different software, or your own DIY Linux system, will still be answered; we attempt to resolve them on a best-effort basis. When a problem turns out to be quite specific to you, we are more likely to ask you to resolve it yourself. Even when we can't resolve something, it is important for us to know about it so we can monitor which of the things users are doing with Linux are worth coordinating and supporting at BCF / ICT Services. Our goal is to get the most out of our efforts.

Linux announcements

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