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Printing at Department Math & CS

Present setup

All TU/e employees can print to the printers on campus, in MetaForum and elsewhere.

To do so, they must submit their print jobs to the print queue

which is accessible through printserver tueprint. Once submitted, you can walk over to any of these printers and use your campus card to order it to print your jobs.

Submitting print jobs requires authenticating with a valid employee's account in Active Directory - your Windows account.

Therefore, you set up printing on your Linux system by

  1. installing printing (CUPS) (usually already done)
  2. installing the MFP-CAMPUS-PS print queue
  3. configuring the authentication mechanism

This can be done in various ways; we have an interactive script that sets it up for a few popular Linux environments.

For detailed instructions and the script, see

Linux MFP User Guide


Issuing a print command produces a print job in your local MFP-CAMPUS-PS print queue. If all goes well, it will be automatically sent to the actual central MFP-CAMPUS-PS print queue, visible on the printers themselves, and removed from the local queue.

If print jobs remain in your local queue, this may be due to failed authentication. It may be possible to still send them by reauthenticating. See our Linux MFP User Guide for details about authentication.

We've received reports about print jobs only printing partially from the GUI PDF viewer. Apparently, the same documents print completely from the command line (with lpr). We are investigating this. Please report any instances.


Until 2015, each printer in building MF had its own printer queue:

mf3XX, mf4XX, mf5XX, mf6XX, mf7XX
They were accessible through printserver winp3, for employees at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science, who could print on these printers, nowhere else.

These printer queues have been permanently disabled; if you system still has them, they can be removed.

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