Evolution mail

Evolution is a Linux equivalent to Outlook. To use it for reading your Linux mail (which we're phasing out in 2017), use the following procedure to set it up.

  • When you start Evolution for the first time, the setup assistent will automatically be displayed. Otherwise, go to Edit, Preferences. Then choose Mail Accounts, and click the Add... button.
    Settings screen
  • You will see the first screen of the assistent.
    Setup assistent, screen 1
  • Click Forward and fill out your identity.
    Setup assistent, screen 2
  • Click Forward, and enter the server type Local delivery. Replace wshelp in the example with your own username.
    Setup assistent, screen 3
  • In the receiving options window, you can choose to have Evolution check for new mail every few minutes if you want.
    Setup assistent, screen 4
  • In the sending email, fill out the server name umta.win.tue.nl and click Forward
    Setup assistent, screen 5
  • In the account management window, fill in a name you can remember and click Forward
    Setup assistent, screen 6
  • In the timezone window, choose Europe/Amsterdam, and click Forward
    Setup assistent, screen 7
  • In the final window, click Apply
    Setup assistent, screen 8
  • Now your mailbox will be available under the name you chose in the account management window, and at the left side of the main Evolution window.

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