Evolution spam filter

It is possible to automatically filter spam e-mail into a separate folder using Evolution. Follow the procedure below to accomplish this:

  • Choose Edit -> Message Filters...
    Filter, step 1
  • Make sure that incoming is selected in the top box, and click on Add.
    Filter, step 2
  • Enter a name in the top box (e.g. spam filter).
  • Choose Specific header in the first select box.
  • Enter X-Spam-Score after the Specific Header select box.
  • Enter an amount of stars (e.g. 4) in the text box after the contains select box.
  • Choose Move to folder in the select box on the bottom half of the window.
  • Click on specify folder and select the correct folder
    Fiter, step 3
  • Click on OK
  • Your rule is now active. Note that it will only be applied when Evolution is running!

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