E-mail (Linux, Using DavMail to read Exchange)

Reading your Exchange e-mail using a Linux operating system is possible in multiple ways. To also allow standard programs such as Evolution to access your calendar, we have implemented a solution using a proxy program called DavMail.

DavMail should be installed by default on your BCF Fedora system. It needs to be started once when you log in. You can do this using the program gnome-session-properties which you can start from the menu or a terminal. The command to run is /usr/bin/davmail.

Once DavMail is running you will see an icon in the system tray of your desktop; unfortunately this fails on Fedora 18 with GNOME 3.6, which only displays a blank space in the message tray at the bottom. Davmail still works correctly though.

Now you need to configure your mail and calendaring client of choice to connect to DavMail. We have configured DavMail to provide its services as follows:

  • IMAP: connect to localhost port 1143, without SSL
  • SMTP: connect to localhost port 1025, without SSL
  • CalDav: connect to localhost port 1080, without SSL.

    You need to enter the URL:

    Evolution, Fedora 14:


    Although this is at localhost, you need to enter this as Remote URL in this

    DAV groupware resource

    Remote calandar access protocol
    • CalDAV

    Remote calandar access
    Remote URL:

    dialogue, which will appear when you add a calendar:

    1. Right-click under Personal Calendar
    2. Add calendar
    3. Select: DAV groupware resource
    4. Enter credentials
    5. Select: Configure the resource manually
    6. Enter Display name
    7. Add
      Here the DAV groupware resource dialogue should appear.
      • Remote calendar access protocol: CalDAV
      • Remote URL: http://localhost:1080/users...

    Thunderbird with Lightning (as distro package or as addon):
    If the account or calendar wizard freezes, it is mostly caused by a password prompt for an existing account, that:
    • is hidden behind the wizard
    • freezes the wizard and the main Thunderbird window by grabbing the keyboard.
    In that case, move the wizard away and finish (or cancel) the password entry, then you can continue the wizard procedure.

    Evolution, Fedora 18:
    On Fedora 18 with GNOME 3.6 and Evolution 3.6.4, it is necessary to search for the calendar.
    • Enter localhost:1080 in the server box
    • use your plain username (without TUE\) as the username
    • press Find Calendars.
    Evolution will fill in the path and email boxes for you.

  • LDAP: connect to localhost port 1389

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