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On remote Linux systems

Only on request.

On your Linux desktop

Starting with the Fedora 18 installation, you have the privilege to install software.

It is highly recommended that you install software as one of:

  1. Software RPM Packages, not just a bunch of files,
    using yum, not rpm.

  2. A bunch of files otherwise, that is, only of no RPM package is available.
    In that case, install all related files in a subdirectory:
    and do not believe that configuration files need to be installed under /etc.
    Most software has an option to start with another configuration path.

    You may need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to library directories and some other environment variables.
    In that case:
    • Ignore the instructions to do that in your shell profile
    • Instead, create a wrapper script
      • sets all required environment variables
        • only temporarily, because it is a wrapper
      • starts the application

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