FTP server

Out of service

We no longer operate FTP servers.

The department's FTP server, ftp.win.tue.nl, was taken down in 2011. Some of the files it hosted can still be found on FTP mirrors elsewhere.

The university's FTP server, ftp.tue.nl, was taken down on Oct 1, 2020. In the last few years, it was mainly used to offer software for installation on Windows systems on campus.

Some of the files that used to be published on these servers can still be found on FTP mirrors elsewhere in the world. Use a web search service (DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, etc.) to find them.

If you work at the department and you are looking for a facility to publish files, see the webserver pages.


To replace our FTP servers' functionality, we offer the following services:

Publishing information

TU Eindhoven employees can publish work-related information in the following ways:
  • Use the Pure system to publish information at research.tue.nl. For details, contact the department's Communications service (part of CEC).
  • Obtain and maintain your own website. TU/e offers website hosting to its employees. For details, see IMS's Service Catalogue, Webhosting.

Exchanging files with specific persons

Of course, files can be attached to email, but this often meets with size limitations.

  • Using your TUE campus account, employees and students can share files with one another on Office 365 OneDrive / SharePoint / whatever name Microsoft uses for the service at the time you're reading this.
  • Using your TUE campus account, employees can share files with TUE employees (not with students) on SURFdrive.
  • Using your TUE campus account, you can send files to external parties and receive files from external parties using the SURF FileSender service.

As a TU Eindhoven employee, please avoid using third-party file sharing / publishing services for work without approval from the TU/e security & privacy team. As your employer, TU Eindhoven is responsible for meeting privacy and confidentiality laws and agreements on all of your work-related IT use; not all third-party services meet the requirements.

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