Our department has its own Subversion server:

What is Subversion?

Subversion is a version control system, similar to CVS. You can find information about Subversion in the Version control with Subversion book, which is freely available online.

Subversion or Git?

These days, most Subversion users have switched to Git.

We encourage you to do so as well. TU Eindhoven operates, a GitLab server available to all TU/e employees, students, and guests. With a standard TUE account, you can log in there and, if you are an employee, create repositories.

At some point, we intend to phase out the service and help you migrate your repositories to if desired.

How Subversion is implemented

We use a standard https subversion server and have created a custom admin tool that allows users to change access permissions and change other repository settings (such as email notification of changes).

Browsing repositories

Here is the list of (some of the) repositories, from where you can browse their contents, if the administrators have granted you access.

Maintaining repositories

In our access management interface, users can be designated as administrators for a repository. Administrators can log in to the interface with their regular account name and password, and then manage other users' access rights for the repositories they are an administrator for.

Editing repositories

For a quick subversion tutorial, see the page on editing repositories.

Scheduled maintenance

Each night, from 05:28 to 05:45 hours local time (timezone Europe/Amsterdam), the service is offline for backup creation.

At 05:50, the server will reboot if required by automatic security updates.

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